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6 Ways CGX Drives Efficiency and Cost Savings.

From complex sours and barrel-aged stouts to the resurrection of classic lagers, interest in many beer styles has spiked in the past few years. But regardless of the hype, it’s always a race for (a distant) second place, as IPAs remain the undisputed king among consumers.

To achieve the aromas and flavors customers crave, brewers are using more hops than ever throughout the brewing process. While that’s great for hopheads, it’s a business challenge for breweries. Intensely hopped beers cost more, yield less, and have slimmer margins.

CGX™ Cryogenic Lupulin Pellets help solve those challenges, allowing breweries to create aggressively hopped beers while realizing business-critical efficiencies and cost savings.

6 Ways CGX Drives Efficiency and Cost Savings

In today’s shifting economy, running a successful brewery requires both great beer and savvy business management. For breweries of all sizes, cost optimization, hop utilization, and yield maximization are crucial to sustained business health.

To that end, CGX is a game-changer, allowing breweries to create the types of beers that drive sales more efficiently while helping them to run their business more effectively.

1. Efficiently Amplify Flavor and Aroma

Packed with a concentrated dose of resins and oil, CGX boasts up to twice the potency of T-90 pellets, enabling you to achieve big hop profiles with a fraction of the hops – CGX can be used at a rate of 40-50% of T-90s.

But it’s not just the potency that creates efficiency, it’s also the reduction in plant material. Using an advanced cryogenic process, CGX separates lupulin from hop vegetative matter. While a percentage of plant matter is needed to achieve full-spectrum flavor and aroma as well as optimal mouthfeel, too much can clog equipment. Combine CGX with T-90s to push the boundaries of hop expression without risking costly clog-induced delays.

2. Improve Brewing Yield

Brewing with T-90s alone creates an inverse relationship between hopping rates and yield. As you add more hops throughout the brewing process, you also introduce more vegetative matter, which absorbs liquid, increases trub, and ultimately decreases yield.

Essentially, more hops equal less beer.

Because CGX is concentrated lupulin, it brings everything you want to the brewing process (resins and oils) without adding too much of what you don’t want (plant material). By reducing the amount of plant material introduced during brewing, CGX produces less trub and more yield.


3. Increase Revenue per Batch

More yield isn’t just more beer, it’s more sales. 

With CGX there’s a direct correlation between efficiency and the bottom line. By maximizing your yields, you’re also maximizing your revenue potential. Producing more usable beer per batch means you can sell more beer from each batch, thereby improving your margins.

4. Decrease Hop Creep, Optimize Production

Hop creep doesn’t just affect the quality of your beer – it also impacts the efficiency and productivity of your brewhouse. The processes required to prevent and counteract hop creep take up valuable time, resources, and equipment, all of which could be used to brew more beer.

Aggressive T-90 hop additions can introduce excessive vegetative matter to the brewing process, increasing the risk of hop creep. The lack of plant material in CGX reduces hop creep, helping to accelerate turn times and maximize brewery productivity and capacity.

5. Reduce Shipping Costs

The increased lupulin concentration of CGX means brewers can use less to achieve their desired results. As a result, you only need to use about half the packaging to deliver the same dosing.

Smaller volumes and smaller packages also require less fuel to transport, which translates into lower shipping costs.

6. Optimize Storage Space and Cost

CGX’s reduced packaging also has big benefits when it gets to your brewery. Because it requires smaller (and fewer) boxes to achieve the same dosing as T-90 or leaf additions, CGX occupies a smaller footprint.

CGX Pellets Scale3_RSZ

That frees up valuable storage space while also reducing the refrigeration (and the bills for running it) required to maintain your hops at the appropriate temperature.

Stop Sacrificing Yield for Flavor

People love intensely hopped beers. From saturated hop bombs to balanced brews that marry the tropics and the Pacific Northwest, brewers love to craft beers with layered and expressive profiles. And consumers love to explore the unique beer journey hops offer. Piney, dank, juicy, soft, hazy, bitter, tropical, herbal, earthy, flowery – IPAs and hop-forward beers offer unlimited sensory possibilities.

But creative brewing comes with a business cost. As all breweries wrestle with rising costs and tightening margins, the efficiencies of CGX deliver real benefits that have a meaningful impact on their beers and their business, not to mention the environment.

CGX is now available for contract orders and spot purchase