CGX™ Lupulin Pellets

Amplified Hops for Electric Beers

Crank the hops to 11 without distorting your beer. Crosby CGX™ Lupulin Pellets allow you to hit big clean hop notes, delivering intense flavor and aroma.

Advanced cryogenic hop-processing technology enables us to separate lupulin from whole-hop cones to deliver concentrated lupulin pellets jam-packed with resins and oils that will make your beers sing.



A Positive Impact on Beer, Business, and Planet

In addition to benefiting your beer and business, CGX pellets have a positive impact on the environment, requiring less packaging, fuel, and storage. Check out our blog post on cranking up the aroma and flavor with CGX.

Amplify hop flavor and aroma
Reduce vegetal matter
Increase brewing yield
Increase revenue per batch
Decrease hop creep
Reduce environmental impact

Bring Out the Best in Your Craft

While they perform great solo, CGX is an absolute rock star when used in concert with T-90s or whole-leaf hops, producing full-bodied beers with huge notes and soft mouthfeel. Use CGX throughout the brew process to enhance your beer’s hop profile and dial in desired characteristics.

Late-Addition Kettle
Dry Hopping

Start Using CGX With These CBC 2022 Collaboration Recipes

Brannen Morris headshot
Crosby’s CGX Pellets are everything I look for in concentrated lupulin pellets. The Strata CGX we used was especially pungent and really popped out of the bag.”

— Brannen Morris, Creature Comforts Brewing Co.

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