Fresh Hops


So Fresh and So Green

There’s nothing quite like fresh hops – the aromas they impart, the flavors they deliver, the beers they produce. For brewers, farmers, and craft beer drinkers alike, fresh hop season brings an air of anticipation and ceremony, a palpable excitement born from the short-lived opportunity to brew with whole-leaf hops hours after they’re picked.

Fresh hops – also referred to as green or wet hops – are raw, un-dried hops picked from the bine and then immediately used for brewing (typically within 24 hours). Available once a year during our harvest from mid-August to late September, Crosby fresh hops can be preordered throughout the year.


How It Works

All Crosby fresh hops are estate-grown at our fifth-generation farm in Woodburn, Oregon and are certified Salmon Safe. Here’s some other helpful information:

  • All fresh hop varieties are $5 per pound
  • Preorders require no upfront commitment, and your order can be adjusted at any time
  • Fresh hop orders reserved in advance are available on the date the variety is picked (pick date subject to change)
  • Pickup at the farm is encouraged and available by appointment only
  • Overnight shipping is available via Next-Day Air
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