Hop Description

Named after Frank Zappa, in collaboration with the Zappa family, this hop is as counter culture as the musician himself. Singled out by Tom Nielsen of Sierra Nevada and brought to production by Eric Desmarais of CLS Farms, Tom described it as having "a unique spiciness, coupled with full-on mango,backed by a sharp citrus, delightful savory and strong deciduous pine" characteristics.

Aroma Profile

Tropical/Fruit, Berry, Spicy

  • Brewing Values

Alpha 6 - 8 %

Beta 8 - 9 %

Total Oil 1.8 - 2.5 ml/100g

Myrcene 60-70%

Humulene 1-10%

Caryophyllene 6-12%

B-pinene 1-2%



TOTAL OIL (ml/100g)