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Employee Spotlight: Raishelle Everett

Meet Raishelle Everett – Crosby Hops’ Accounting Manager.

Raishelle’s Accounting Manager role revolves around period-based accounting - meaning she is “monitoring financial spreadsheets and making sure we are staying on top of account balances and dollars are flowing correctly.” Raishelle and her team oversee every facet of the transactions of our growing business including sales, packaging, manufacturing, shipping and receiving, in addition to monitoring transactions through our cold storage locations in Ohio and the EU. Raishelle’s attention to detail is a colossal asset to our company. When asked what the most difficult part of her job is, Raishelle said, “The first 2 weeks of every month, which is month-end close.” Sounds complex but Raishelle and the accounting department do an exceptional job keeping it all together.

Raishelle started working with Crosby on March 31st, 2020 – literally the first day Oregon went into COVID-19 lockdown. She emailed her new boss at Crosby that day just to make sure she still had a job (and of course she did!). Prior to working with Crosby, she worked as an auditor which transitioned nicely for her since 2020 was a scheduled year to review our financials. She hit the ground running spearheading that process and provided the knowledge and experience that set us up for success. We asked Raishelle what she liked most about working at Crosby Hops and as she puts it, “The staff and work environment! People here are transparent, upfront and offer a welcoming environment.”

Raishelle is an avid reader and loves the tranquility of peace and quiet, “I can be social and adapt with the best of them, but my optimal time is spent reading a good book.” If she is not at home reading, or at TopWire enjoying the sunshine and hop bines, you can be assured she is out enjoying a beach somewhere along the Oregon Coast. There is also a high probability Raishelle will have in hand a St. Citron hard cider from Reverend Nat’s to go along with her.

We asked Raishelle a few questions to let the world get to know her a little more:

What is your favorite hop and why?

Raishelle: When I started, I was anti-beer. However, a variety I came to like is Centennial. It’s citrusy, like a fresh cut orange and has this grapefruit rind note to it as well.

If you had to pick one beer that represents you, what would it be and why?

Raishelle: St. Citron Hard Cider. It has an unusual hodgepodge style, tart but crisp, but savory with the ginger kick. That is how I think people feel when they walk away from conversations with me

What is your favorite beer/cider (can be a style or a specific beer/cider)?

Raishelle: St. Citron (Hard Cider)

What was the last concert you went to?

Avril Lavine - 2008

What is your favorite taproom/tasting room in Oregon?

Raishelle: TopWire - just hard to beat being outside and around hops, really chill and relaxing.

Who is your corporate crush? And why?

Raishelle: Tesla- I enjoy Elon Musk’s mantra of “doing what I want to do.” Observing how he can have an idea and just fund it how he sees fit is really refreshing and makes me appreciate his curiosity of innovation and being kind to the environment. As an accountant however, I can imagine on paper he should be failing but the fact that he likes to just do an experiment and see the results other than looking at that result as a profit is inspiring.

What is your spirit animal? Why?

Raishelle: Shark - I just like them! I know their eyes are creepy but they swim fast and they defy gravity when they breach the water and I want to surprise people like that.