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Sourced from our fifth-generation farm in Oregon’s Willamette Valley and a select network of partner growers, our hops are available in the U.K. and E.U. for contract and spot purchase. Shipped from facilities in the U.K., Ireland, and the Netherlands, you get convenient access to the same varieties top U.S. brewers insist upon.

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Contracts Ensure Your Hop Needs Are Covered

Some hops are core to the success of your brewery. Hop contracts ensure you can secure the varieties and volumes you need at a fixed price and from a consistent crop year lot. From modest minimums to convenient payment options, our hop contracts are designed to help you secure essential varieties while maintaining flexibility.

Modest Contract Minimums

Flexible minimums make it easy to comfortably contract only the hops you need.

Flexible Payment Options

Choose between monthly instalments or making a down payment and paying for hops as they ship.

Premium Storage

Once your hops are pelletised, we offer storage in our temperature-controlled facilities, which are kept at -2°C (or colder).

On-Demand Delivery

Pull from your contract allotment as needed throughout the year for quick turnaround.


Hop Contracting Is Changing

Does Your Approach Need To Change With It?

Spot Hops Maximise Flexibility

In today’s rapidly changing market, spot hops are key to advancing your brewing and business. Our spot list offers access to high-intensity, high-impact varieties, giving you the freedom to innovate and experiment without investing in large quantities.

Low Minimums, High Reward

Buy only what you need, making it easy to experiment with varieties or brew limited releases.

Reliable Quality

Our spot list consists of only high-quality hops that reflect our uncompromising standards.

Experienced Local Support

Our experienced U.K.-based team can provide real-time availability updates and expert guidance.

Local Storage

Temperature-controlled warehouses in the U.K., Ireland, and the Netherlands ensure your hops get to you quick and fresh.


How To Leverage Spot Hops To Advance Your Brewing and Business

Sustainability Is More Than a Word

As a Certified B Corporation®, we balance profit with purpose. We’re a socially conscious business committed to being a force for good, whether it’s serving as stewards for the planet, spearheading charitable collaborations, or reinvesting in the communities that make what we do possible.

certified-b global-g-a-p-logo-black salmonsafe-black-logo



270,000 lbs. of CO2 emissions offset annually


100% energy independent by 2025


85% of all waste recycles


15 metric tons diverted from landfill annually

A Commitment to Quality Every Step of the Way

From up-and-comers to industry legends, breweries trust Crosby Hops for the best hops available. We built our name on providing exceptional farm-direct hops. Whether you want West Coast classics or new-wave varieties, you get the highest quality hops every time.

Hand-Selected Hops

Our hops are sourced from our Salmon-Safe, GlobalG.A.P.-certified farm in Oregon’s Willamette Valley and our network of trusted partner growers.

On-Premises Processing

Our on-site facilities produce high-quality T-90 pellets that undergo rigorous quality analysis testing prior to leaving the warehouse.

Cold Chain Storage

In transit and in storage, our hops are kept at -2˚C or lower to maintain optimal quality and expressiveness.

Reap the Benefits of a True Partnership

Guaranteed Quality
Guaranteed Quality

Our obsession with quality, uncompromising standards, and resolute values ensures every brewery gets access to select hops every time – guaranteed.


From what varieties struggled at harvest to alternatives to in-demand hops, we share what we know to help better your beer and business.

Highly Responsive Support

Get exceptional support from account managers and a customer success team that’s invested in the health of your business. 

Timely Delivery

Orders ship from warehouses in the U.K., Ireland, and the Netherlands, reducing shipping time by bringing your hops closer to you.

Industry-Leading Flexibility

Budget with confidence using flexible payment options and a partner that will work with you to craft contracts to meet your changing needs.

Expert Guidance

Tap into our expertise to deepen your hop knowledge and gain insight into critical areas such as forecasting, logistics, and supply chain management.

Get More Than Just Great Hops

Frequently Asked Questions

When is a good time for me to contract so I don’t miss out on next crop year’s popular varieties?

As soon as you know you may have a need. The ideal time for farmers and vendors is by March before Hop Harvest – or six months in advance of the contract beginning. Contracting by March helps vendors communicate needs to farmers in time to make adjustments in the fields.

Is there a cutoff for contracting?

No. We’d rather you make an informed decision than a rushed decision. Our positions are constantly fluctuating and the further out from harvest we are (up to three years), the more likely we’re able to guarantee your needs.

How do I stay up to date with hop positions?

Keep in contact with your account manager (at each of your vendors) and schedule quarterly calls. Communicate your needs as soon as you know them – even if you can’t yet commit to a contract. Compare anecdotes and information from different farms and vendors to create a full picture of the industry’s positions.

Is contract pricing better than spot pricing?

Hop pricing constantly fluctuates based on availability and demand. Contracting does not necessarily mean a price discount. Discounts that do occur are based on volume and begin at quantities over 1,100 pounds. The primary benefits of contracting include guaranteed future availability, financing, and storage.

What is the difference between crop year and brew year?

Crop year refers to the year the hops are harvested. Contracts run from September of the harvest year through August of the following year. Hops still need to be processed and become available to brewers between September (of the crop year) and February of the following year.

Brew year occurs from January through December – a typical calendar year. When brewers forecast for their brew year, they should take the crop year into consideration and think of it as an overlay when planning. Base your contract on your hop needs for the brew year that will follow the crop year.

Can I participate in hop selection?

Selection is open to breweries with a minimum contract volume of 2,200 pounds per variety.

Can I contract for hops that were grown by a specific farm?

Our business model involves bringing in the highest quality hops from top-tier farms across the Pacific Northwest partially in order to mitigate the inherent risk that comes with agriculture. If you have a preferred farm to source from, including Crosby, please communicate those preferences to your account manager. We’ll gladly allocate you those hops if we have the ability to, but we can’t guarantee it.

What happens if I have extra hops at the end of the year?

High-quality T-90 pellets that are properly stored are good for three to five years, so you can continue to work them into recipes while confidently maintaining quality.

If you can’t use the hops, there are a number of resources for swapping or selling them, such as neighbouring brewers, BeerAdvocate Community Forums, the Lupulin Exchange, MBAA forums, and your local guild forum.

Project your needs to the best of your ability and reevaluate them quarterly. Communicate any changes in needs to your account manager as soon as you’re aware of them. The more advanced notice you give, the more flexibility may be available. If we’re able, Crosby Hops can potentially move contracted volumes from one variety to another. After a crop year has ended, and usually during it, it’s very rare that we’re able to make changes.

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